About Us

Thinking about Joining Really Real Real Estate? Here's what a few of our agents have to say about WHY they joined!

Our Company History

Really Real Real Estate started in Calhoun County in 2020 with two top producing Brokers with over 12 years of experience, an Agent Coordinator with over 8 years experience, and a Director of Operations and Marketing with over 5 years of experience. In less than a year, Really Real Real Estate has been able to help over 103 families buy or sell their home in Calhoun County. In 2021 Really Real Real Estate expanded their footprint to reach MORE families and agents in Baldwin County as well. At the end of 2021 we were able to help over 187 families and 23 agents. A smaller brokerage, with a bigger voice!

Our Beliefs

We believe that there are several real estate agents getting "lost in the numbers" so to speak when it comes to the larger real estate companies. We also believe that there are several home buyers and home sellers that don't know that THEY CAN OWN THEIR OWN HOME & it doesn't have to be hard! We opened on the premise of solving both of these issues. We provide our agents with the tools and training that they need to grow their own business, earn 100% of their commissions (certain criteria has to be met), and provide top-notch "Really Real" services to their clients!

We believe in keeping it real with every one of our clients, agents, and vendors. There is value in always staying true to yourself. We believe in always being honest, no matter the situation. Communication is key in any relationship, and our relationships are the most important thing to us. Being loyal to ourselves, our clients, and our agents is what sets Really Real Real Estate apart from the rest. We believe in respecting others no matter what. Staying ahead of trends and staying informed on the market and technology are always top of mind. Showing integrity in everything we do, we will help pave the path to happy buying, selling, and investing! We are Really Real Real Estate, Serving Really Real People!!

Areas We Cover